PIB Analysis 04-01-23

Asian Pacific Postal Union (APPU)

  • Asian Pacific Postal Union (APPU) has the Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Following the successful elections held during the 13th APPU Congress held in Bangkok during August- September 2022, India will take over its leadership.
  • Asian Pacific Postal Union (APPU) is an intergovernmental organization having 32-member countries in the Asian-Pacific region.
  • APPU is the only Restricted Union of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in the region.
  • Universal Postal Union (UPU) is a specialized agency of the United Nations.
  • The goal of APPU is to extend, facilitate and improve postal relations between member countries and to promote cooperation in the field of postal services.
  • As the regional center for various UPU projects, APPU also takes the lead in ensuring that all technical and operational projects of the UPU are fulfilled in the region.
  • This is so that the region is integrated into the global postal network in the best possible way.
  • Secretary General leads the activities of the Union and is also the Director of the Asian Pacific Postal College (APPC) which is the largest intergovernmental postal training institute in the region.

India’s first green hydrogen blending project

  • The green hydrogen blending has been setup in the piped natural gas (PNG) network of NTPC Kawas township, Surat.
  • The project is a joint effort of NTPC and Gujarat Gas Limited (GGL).
  • This set-up is geared up to supply H2-NG (natural gas) to households of Kawas township at Adityanagar, Surat.
  • Green hydrogen in Kawas is made by electrolysis of water using power from already installed 1 MW floating solar project.
  • Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB), the regulatory body has given approval for 5% vol./vol. blending of green hydrogen with PNG to start with and the blending level would be scaled phase wise to reach 20%.
  • Green hydrogen when blended with natural gas reduces CO2 emissions keeping net heating content same.
  • This feat is achieved only by few select countries like UK, Germany, and Australia etc.
  • This would bring India at the centre stage of the global hydrogen economy.
  • India would not only reduce its hydrocarbon import bill significantly but can also bring forex ashore by being a green hydrogen and green chemicals exporter to the world.