PIB Analysis 04-02-23 Part 3

PIB Analysis 04-02-23 Part 1

PIB Analysis 04-02-23

Part 3


As part of ‘Operation SADBHAVANA’, Indian Army is undertaking multiple welfare activities such as running of Army Goodwill Schools, Infrastructure Development Projects and Education Tours etc. for the children living in remote areas of Union Territory (UT) of Ladakh.

On education

  • To improve the standard of education and to provide them with quality education, Indian Army is presently running seven (07) Army Goodwill Schools (AGS) under ‘Operation SADBHAVANA’ in Ladakh Region.
  • More than 2,200 Students are currently studying in these schools.

On Infrastructure and Healthcare

Following assistance has been provided in the field of Health and Sanitation, Community Development and Infrastructure development:

  • As a step towards Healthy Nation for prosperous Ladakh, medical camps, veterinary camps, provision of medical equipment, upgradation of medical infrastructure and staffing of Medical Aid Centres have been provided at various remote locations in Ladakh. A total number of 23 Projects have been allotted in the financial year 2022-23 for health and sanitation out of the ‘Operation SADBHAVANA’ funds in the Ladakh Region.
  • The assistance provided in terms of community development projects include construction, upgradation and provisioning of equipment for community halls, water supply schemes, provision of generators, solar lighting, arboriculture, establishment of bore wells, constructions / repairs to village roads / tracks and construction of toilets. Sports is also being provided impetus by providing equipment, sports kits and organising various sports events. Total of 74 Projects have been allotted towards community development in remote areas in the current financial year.
  • 17 Infrastructure projects have been allotted and planned in all districts of UT of Ladakh in financial year 2022-23, which include establishment of computer lab; construction of Captain Manoj Pandey, Param Veer Chakra (PVC) (Posthumous) Stadium/Sports Complex; construction of community halls; renovation of Rinchen Auditorium and creation of Youth Empowerment Node etc.

On Women Empowerment

  • Women in remote areas of Ladakh are being empowered through various training programmes organised and funded through ‘Operation SADBHAVANA’ in Vocational Training Centres, Women Empowerment Centres and Computer Centres at various locations in Ladakh.
  • In addition, training classes for women are also being organised for various activities i.e. Pashmina Shawl Weaving, Wool Knitting, Extraction of Apricot Oil, Yak Cheese Making, Yak Cheese Baking.
  • Girl students have a fair representation in the education fund outlay of ‘Operation SADBHAVANA’.
  • Further, ‘Kargil Ignited Minds’ an initiative exclusively for girl students of Kargil is launched for preparation for various competitive examinations for admissions into various professional colleges and institutions in India.
  • Due to COVID restrictions, Capacity Building Tours were not organised in last two years, however, this year five tours have been conducted with three specifically for women and two for students including girl students wherein they got an opportunity to call on and interact with President of India at Delhi.
  • A total of 13 such tours have been planned for next year.
  • Total outlay for last three years for the women empowerment and tours, including projects envisioned for next year is approximately Rs. 2.4 Crores.

The success of ‘Operation SADBHAVANA’

‘Operation SADBHAVANA’ is fulfilling its objectives.

  • Some of the objectives achieved through ‘Operation SADBHAVANA’ are national integration tours, women empowerment, employment generation, education and development activities towards nation building.
  • ‘Operation SADBHAVANA’ projects are selected after taking local aspirations into consideration, in conjunction with local civil administration and it is ensured that there is no duplicacy with projects of civil administration.

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