PIB Analysis 05-11-22 Part 2

PIB Analysis 05-11-22 Part 2

PIB Analysis 05-11-22

Part 2

Urban Mobility India (UMI) Conference & Expo 2022

  • 15th Edition of Urban Mobility India (UMI) Conference & Expo 2022 was inaugurates at Kochi, Kerala on 04-11-12.
  • The event is being organized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs in collaboration with Govt. Of Kerala from 4th to 6th November, 2022 at Hotel Grand Hyatt Kochi, Kerala.
  • Senior officers from Central and State Governments policy makers, Managing Directors of Metro Rail Companies, Chief Executives of transport undertakings, International experts, professionals, academicians and students will participate in this event.
  • India currently has the fifth-largest metro network in the world, and will soon overtake advanced economies such as Japan and South Korea to become the third-largest network.
  • These developments will lead to a significant reduction of traffic congestion and the associated air quality and emissions concerns.

New technique for efficient fabrication of LCDs

  • A new easier technique of manufacturing liquid crystal displays has been developed, which can reduce the cost of the devices.
  • An essential requirement of liquid crystal devices (LCDs) is the unidirectional planar alignment of the constituent liquid crystals (LC) over large areas.
  • A team of scientists from the Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences (CeNS), Bengaluru, an autonomous institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) conceptualized and implemented a novel way of employing a 2D materials to overcome the drawbacks of current methods.
  • Using h-BN nanoflakes as the specific material, the group employed a procedure called solution-processed deposition technique and found it to be effective in getting the LC alignment over a much larger area.
  • They also found the resultant crystals to be quite robust with no evidence of decay in LC orientation over several months.