PIB Analysis 09-12-22 Part 3

PIB Analysis 09-12-22

Part 3

Krishi Udan Scheme 2.0

  • Krishi Udan Scheme 2.0 was announced on 27 October 2021 enhancing the existing provisions, mainly focusing on transporting perishable food products from the hilly areas, North-Eastern States and tribal areas.
  • For facilitating and incentivising movement of agri-produce by air transportation, Airports Authority of India (AAI) provides full waiver of Landing, Parking, Terminal Navigational Landing Charges (TNLC) and Route Navigation Facility Charges (RNFC) for Indian freighters and P2C (Passenger-to-Cargo) Aircraft.
  • The scheme primarily covers around 25 airports focusing on North Eastern, Hilly and Tribal region besides 28 airports in other regions/areas.
  • The main objective of the Krishi Udan Scheme 2.0 is to increase share of air carriage in the modal mix for transportation of Agri-produce, which includes horticulture, fishery, livestock and processed products.
  • The scheme assists farmers in transporting agriculture products so that it improves their value realisation.
  • Initially 53 Airports were covered in the pilot project for 06 months.
  • Thereafter, during the review, 05 more Airports were added thus total covered are 58 Airports.
  • Krishi Udan scheme is to provide air transportation and logistics support for perishable agri-produce as per the need.
  • Leveraging the existing schemes of the 8 Ministries as mentioned above, the producers can utilise the services available at 58 airports listed under the scheme considering the demand.
  • The Scheme aims to ensure seamless, cost-effective, time bound, air transportation and associated logistics for all Agri-produce originating especially from North-East, hilly and tribal regions of the country.



The Government of India has extended the PM Street Vendor’s AtmaNirbhar Nidhi (PM SVANidhi) Scheme beyond March, 2022 with the following provisions:

  1. Extension of lending period till December 2024;
  2. Introduction of 3rd loan of upto ₹50,000 in addition to 1st & 2nd loans of ₹10,000 and ₹20,000 respectively.
  3. To extend ‘SVANidhi Se Samriddhi’ component for all beneficiaries of PM SVANidhi scheme across the country;
  • As on November 30, 2022, 31.73 lakh Street Vendors have availed benefit of 1st loan of ₹ 10,000 loan ;
  • Out of these 5.81 lakh have availed benefit of second loan of ₹ 20,000 loan;
  • Out of those who availed 2nd loan, 6,926 street vendors have availed benefit of third loan of ₹50,000.
  • The subject matter relating to creation of vending zone falls under the ambit of Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Act, 2014, which is being implemented through respective State/UT.
  • As reported by the States/UTs, a total of 13,403 vending zones have been identified so far.
  • 42 lakh street vendors are to be provided benefits under PM SVANidhi Scheme by December, 2024.