PIB Analysis 11-10-22

PIB Analysis 11-10-22

PIB Analysis 11-10-22


  • Tele Mental Health Assistance and Networking Across States (Tele-MANAS) initiative was launched on occasion of World Mental Health Day.
  • Tele-MANAS is an initiative of Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

Quantum Entanglement

  • Experiments on the quantum entanglement (where several particles behave like a single unit even when they are separated), which received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2022 has seen a major achievement by Indian scientists, who have found a simpler way to quantify the amount of entanglement in higher dimensional systems.
  • The study could help potentially enable better assessment of the efficacy of an entangled state for technological applications like quantum teleportation (a technique for transferring quantum information from a sender at one location to a receiver some distance away) where the success and accuracy of the process depends on the amount of entanglement as well as other quantum communication protocols.
  • Entangled state is a crucial state of quantum mechanics and can be used as a resource for quantum communication, quantum computation and information processing tasks that are impossible for classical systems.
  • Higher dimensional systems (dimension greater than two) are proven to have advantages in both quantum computing and quantum communications.
  • Thus, experimentally realising higher-dimensional entangled states along with the studies of quantification of the entanglement are of critical importance.
  • So far, all the relevant investigations towards quantifying entanglement mainly focused on providing bounds (maximum/minimum) on entanglement measures.
  • The existing method of characterising quantum state is Quantum State Tomography (QST), which can then be used to quantify entanglement.
  • It requires determination of an increasingly large number of parameters as the dimension of the system grows.
  • A method for empirical estimation of entanglement for any arbitrary dimensional entangled state was not available.

Betiyan Bane Kushal

  • Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD) to organize National Conference on Skilling in Non- Traditional Livelihood for Girls “Betiyan Bane Kushal” under the banner of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao on the occasion of the International Day of the Girl Child.
  • Conference emphasizes skilling, new age skills and non-traditional livelihood for girls.

Other key highlights of the event include:

  • Launch of the BBBP operational manual which lays out operational guidelines and avenues for convergence.
  • Announcement of commitments with MoSDE and MoMA on 21st-century skills focusing on life and employability skills, entrepreneurship skills, digital literacy and financial literacy skills.
  • Best practices on skilling from the ground, showcased by selected districts
  • Case studies on sustainable inclusion of girls and women in NTL, with examples from industry, NGOs and CSOs.