PIB Analysis 21-01-23 Part 1

PIB Analysis 21-01-23 – Part 1

Millets & Organics -2023

  • Millets & Organics 2023 – International Trade Fair kicks off in Thripuravasini, Bengaluru on Friday, 20th January.
  • The trade fair is a platform for farmers, farmer groups, domestic and international companies, central and state institutions in organic and millet sector to connect and explore opportunities in agriculture, horticulture, processing, machinery and agri-technology.
  • The Government of Karnataka has been a leader in promotion of millets.
  • The first Organics and Millets Fair was held in 2017, the second and third editions in 2018 and 2019 in Bengaluru.
  • United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has declared 2023 as the International Year of Millets (IYM) – 2023.
  • The declaration has been instrumental for the Government of India to be at the forefront in celebrating the IYM 2023 in a grand manner.
  • ‘Millets’ were among the first crops to be domesticated in India with several evidence of its’ consumption during the Indus valley civilization.
  • Various types of Millets, currently being grown around the world were first cultivated in India. Being grown in more than 130 countries currently,
  • Millets are considered traditional food for more than half a billion people across Asia and Africa.
  • In India, millets are primarily a kharif crop, requiring less water and agricultural inputs than other similar staples.
  • Millets are important by the virtue of its mammoth potential to generate livelihood, increase farmers’ income, and ensure food & nutritional security all over the world.

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