Bathukamma festival

  • Ministry of Culture organized the celebration of Bathukamma festival being at Kartavyapath, India Gate, New Delhi.
  • Bathukamma Festival is an annual celebration in Telangana that goes on for nine days and overlaps with the festival of Navratri.
  • The festival is celebrated with colourful exotic flowers of the region and symbolises the collective spirit of the people of Telangana.
  • This festival is to pray to the Goddess for the health and achievements of each family.
  • Young women of the Hindu household get to pray to the Goddess for a life partner of their choice.
  • Bathukamma means “The Mother Goddess comes to life”.
  • It represents the culture and identity of the people of Telangana and involves the worship of Maha Gauri – “Life Giver” in the form of Gauri Devi (patron goddess of womanhood).



  • The aircraft is designed for long-range anti-submarine warfare (ASW), anti-surface warfare (ASuW), and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions.
  • The aircraft plays a crucial role in being the eyes of the Indian Navy and carrying out critical maritime operations.


Very Short Range Air Defence System (VSHORADS)

  • DRDO conducted two successful test flight of Very Short Range Air Defence System (VSHORADS) missile on 27 Sep 2022 from a ground based portable launcher at the Integrated Test Range, Chandipur, off the coast of Odisha.
  • VSHORADS is a Man Portable Air Defence System (MANPAD) designed and developed indigenously by DRDO’s Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad in collaboration with other DRDO laboratories and Indian Industry Partners.
  • VSHORADS missile incorporates many novel technologies including miniaturized Reaction Control System (RCS) and integrated avionics, which have been successfully proven during the tests.
  • The missile, meant for neutralizing low altitude aerial threats at short ranges is propelled by a dual thrust solid motor.
  • The design of the missile including launcher has been highly optimized to ensure easy portability. Both the flight tests have completely met the mission objectives.