PIB Analysis – 29th September, 2022

PIB Analysis - 29th September, 2022

PIB Analysis

ASI has unraveled remarkable archaeological remains in Madhya Pradesh’s Bandhavgarh Forest Reserve

What was found?
  • During the exploration conducted by ASI, 26 ancient temples/relics of Kalachuri period (9thcentury CE to 11th Century CE), 26 caves (2nd Century CE to 5th century CE mostly Buddhist in nature), 2 monasteries, 2 stupas, 24 Brahmi inscriptions (2nd century CE to 5th century CE), 46 sculptures, 20 scattered remains and 19 water structures (c.2nd-15thCE) are recorded. Among the 46 sculptures, also is a Varaha sculpture which is one of the largest.

About Kalachuri Dynasty:

  • The Kalachuris, also known as Kalachuris of Mahishmati, were an Indian dynasty that ruled in west-central India between 6th and 7th Centuries. 
  • The Kalachuri territory included parts of present-day Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra. Their capital was probably located at Mahishmati.
  • Epigraphic and numismatic evidence suggests that the earliest of the Ellora and Elephanta cave monuments were built during the Kalachuri rule.


INS Sunayna


  • INS Sunayna participated in the capacity building exercise Operation Southern Readiness conducted by Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) at Seychelles from 24-27 Sep 22. 
  • Seychelles is very vital for India’s vision of SAGAR (Security & Growth For all in the Region), India is also a reliable and trusted partner for Seychelles.
Ties between the two countries:
  • Blue Economy Protocol between India and Seychelles was signed in August 2015.
  • Recently, India has been accepted as an observer of the Indian Ocean Commission, of which Seychelles is a member.
  • With the ratification of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) Framework Agreement in September 2017, Seychelles has officially become one of the Founding Members of ISA.
  • ISA is an Indian Initiative.


  Source PIB