PM Gatishakti National Master Plan.

PM Gatishakti National Master Plan.

PM Gatishakti National Master Plan.


India showcased its PM Gatishakti National Master Plan in the 2023 Regional Cooperation and Integration (RCI) Conference hosted by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Tbilisi, Georgia.


GS-02, GS-03 (Growth and development)

Asian Development Bank (ADB):

  • It is a regional development bank established in the year 1966 with an aim to promote social and economic development in Asia and the Pacific.
  • It is headquartered in Manila, Philippines.
  • ADB has 68 members, 49 from Asia and the Pacific, including India, which is a founding member.
  • ADB works include providing loans, technical support, grants, and equity investments to bolster social and economic development.


Six Pillars of PM GatiShakti NMP Comprehensiveness Integrating all existing,' Of Various Ministries Prioritization Enabling different departments to prioritise their projectsthrcwgh S • Ora interactions Optimization Assist ministries in planning for OdifcatiM,' expansion/ new projects after tification of Synchronization Providing visibility and coordination in planning and implementabon of projects of individual Depa rtments/ Ministries Analytical ding the entire data in me place with GIS based spatial planning and analytical tool Dynamic Helping in id.*ltifying the Vital interventions for enhancing and updating


PM GatiShakti National Master Plan for Multi-modal Connectivity:

  • The PM GatiShakti NMP is a technology backed infrastructure development platform with GIS based data layers of infrastructure, geographic features and demography, and various decision support systems.
  • The platform is developed by BISAG-N. It enables integrated planning, synchronised implementation, and project monitoring.
  • The platform aims at enhancing industrial productivity and helping the country achieve its green logistics and clean energy goals by enormously boosting the multi-modal connectivity across highways, railways, ports, airports, logistics infrastructure, mass urban transportation and inland waterways.
  • To sensitize various civil servants on the uses of PM GatiShakti NMP, a course on PM GatiShakti has been launched on the IGoT Platform of Department of Personnel Training. The course has 4 modules of which the first has been uploaded on the IGoT Portal while the rest are in advanced stages of development.