• No matter the size of the farmer’s holdings, the Center deposits three equal payments of Rs 6,000 each into the bank accounts of all landowner farmers each year in compliance with the scheme.
  • In February of this year, it made its debut.

Implementation and funding:

  • It is a central sector programme, and the Indian government is responsible for all of its funding.
  • It will be carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.

Identification of the Beneficiaries:

  • The State / UT Governments alone are in charge of determining which farmer families will receive aid.


  • to provide more money to assist small and marginal farmers in purchasing the numerous inputs required for healthy crops and yields that are suitable for the anticipated farm income at the end of each crop cycle.
  • To ensure their continuing participation in farming operations and to prevent them from falling into the hands of moneylenders while paying for these fees.

PM-KISAN Mobile App:

  • The PM-KISAN mobile application was developed and published by the National Informatics Centre in collaboration with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technologies.
  • Farmers can check the status of their applications and the history of bank account credits, and Aadhar cards can be amended or altered.