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• A National Conference on PM Mega Integrated Textile Regions and Apparel Park (PM MITRA) Parks Scheme was organized by Ministry of Textiles on 4th May, 2022.


• PM MITRA Park will be built by a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) that will be jointly owned by the federal and state governments and will operate under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model.
• Each MITRA Park will contain an incubation centre, a common processing house, a common effluent treatment plant, as well as other textile-related facilities including design and testing centres.
• The project provides Rs 500 crore in development capital support for each greenfield MITRA park and up to Rs 200 crore for each brownfield park for the building of shared infrastructure.
• A greenfield project is one that must be started from scratch, whereas a brownfield project is one that has already been completed.

Significance of the sector:

• Textiles and garments are a labor-intensive industry in India, employing 45 million people, second only to agriculture in terms of employment.
• It provides 2.3 percent to India’s GDP, 7% to industrial output, 12% to export revenues, and employs more than 21% of the country’s workforce.
• India is the world’s sixth largest producer of technical textiles, with a 6% global share, and the world’s largest producer of cotton and jute.
• India is also the world’s second largest producer of silk, and it produces 95 percent of the world’s handwoven cloth.

Way Forward:

• PM MITRA Park will offer the opportunity to create an Integrated Textiles Value Chain right from spinning, weaving, processing/dyeing and printing to garment manufacturing etc. at one location and will reduce logistics cost of Industry.
• This is a great initiative which will give a huge boost to the labour intensive sector.

Source: THE HINDU.

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