PM Modi Proposes G20 Membership for African Union

PM Modi Proposes G20 Membership for African Union

Context : 

According to official sources, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written to the G-20 leaders with a proposal that the African Union be granted full membership at the group’s upcoming meeting in India.

African Union

  • Establishment and History: 
      • The Organisation of African Unity (OAU) was replaced by the AU, which was formally introduced in July 2002.
      • The OAU was established in May 1963 to foster solidarity, collaboration, and unity among African states.
      • The OAU prioritised the abolition of apartheid and colonialism as well as the promotion of the independence, territorial integrity, and sovereignty of African countries.
      • To shift the emphasis towards greater collaboration and integration for Africa’s growth and development, the AU was decided upon in 1999.
  • Objectives of the AU:
      • Achieve greater unity and solidarity between African countries and their people.
      • Defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence of member states.
      • Accelerate political and socio-economic integration of the continent.
      • Promote and defend African common positions on issues of interest.
      • Encourage international cooperation and partnerships.
      • Promote peace, security, and stability in Africa.
      • Promote democratic principles, good governance, and human rights.
      • Foster sustainable development and the integration of African economies.
      • Coordinate policies with regional economic communities.
      • Advanced research, science, and technology in Africa.
      • Work with international partners in health, disease eradication, and good health promotion.
      • Ensure women’s participation in decision-making processes.
      • Develop common policies on trade, defence, and foreign relations.
      • Engage the African diaspora in the building of the AU.
  • Regional Economic Communities (RECs):
      • RECs are sub-regional organizations that promote economic integration and cooperation within specific regions of Africa.
      • The AU works with RECs to coordinate policies and gradually attain the objectives of the Union.
  • Agenda 2063:
    • Agenda 2063 is a strategic framework for Africa’s long-term socio-economic and integrative transformation.
    • It outlines aspirations and goals to be achieved by 2063, including sustainable development, gender equality, good governance, and a united, prosperous, and peaceful Africa.
    • Agenda 2063 emphasizes African-led initiatives and collaboration to realize the continent’s potential.

Points to Ponder:

  • In a letter to the G-20 leaders, Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed full membership for the African Union (AU) at the next G-20 conference in India.
  • This idea seeks to strengthen Africa’s voice on the world stage and assure its active involvement in determining the direction of the international community.
  • The major organisation regarded as speaking for Africa is the African Union, a continental organisation with 55 member nations. As a replacement for the Organisation of African Unity, it was established in 2002.
  • Prime Minister Modi wants to build a more equitable, inclusive, and representative global architecture and governance by extending full membership to the African Union.
  • India is emphasising the inclusion of the priorities of African nations in the G-20 agenda as the host nation of the G-20 summit in Delhi in September.
  • African countries would have a platform to directly participate in debates about global economic issues if the African Union were to join the G-20. The African Union has been working for the progress and economic growth of African countries.
  • The consent of the current G-20 members is necessary to admit the African Union as a member.
  • Although the suggestion is an important step towards inclusivity and empowering Africa’s representation, it is yet unclear how the other G-20 countries would react and decide on it.