PM unveils National Emblem atop New Parliament Building

For Prelims

  • The National Emblem: also known as Lion Capital
  • Taken from Asoka’s Pillar at Sanchi Stupa in Sarnath near Varanasi.
  • Built by Mauryan Emperor Asoka.
  • The Pillar is made using Polished Sandstone.
  • It was built to commemorate Buddha’s first sermon after getting enlightened at Sarnath called Dharmachakrapravartan.
  • The original Pillar had 5 components
  • The shaft; made of a single stone
  • A lotus base bell
  • A drum on the base bell with 4 animals proceeding clockwise (abacus)
  • Figures of 4 lions which are seated back-to-back on a circular abacus.
  • The crowning part, a large wheel which represents Dharmachakra in Buddhism (the wheel of dhamma/dharma).

     Source The Hindu