Portal launched to report violation of ban on e-cigarettes

Portal launched to report violation of ban on e-cigarettes

Portal launched to report violation of ban on e-cigarettes

Context : 

E-cigarettes are still being sold on e-commerce platforms, especially to minors under 18, tobacco control specialists warn, despite the ban enforced by the Union government in 2019. For reporting violations of the Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes (Production, Manufacture, Import, Export, Transport, Sale, Distribution, Storage and Advertisement) Act (PECA), the Health Ministry has now opened an online platform to help stop this.

What are E-Cigarettes?

  •  Electronic Cigarettes: 
      • Portable, battery-operated vaporizers.
      • produced vapor instead of smoke in order to mimic smoking.
  • Elements of electronic cigarettes
      • Atomizer: The heating component that turns the e-liquid into vapor.
      • The atomizer is often powered by a battery.
      • Container: The tank or cartridge used to store the e-liquid.
  • Vapor and E-Liquid:
      • Inhaling vapor rather than smoke is referred to as “vaping.”
      • An aerosol of vapor, air, and minute droplets is called a vapor.
      • The liquid substance used in e-cigarettes is called e-liquid.
      • Various tastes and nicotine or cannabis may be included in e-liquid.
      • Glycerin and/or propylene glycol are the main constituents in vapour.
  • Harmful Substances: 
      • Vaping is not risk-free, however it is probably less risky than smoking.
      • Compared to cigarette smoke, e-cigarette vapor contains fewer pollutants.
      • It does, however, include dangerous ingredients that are absent from cigarette smoke.
  • Nicotine Addiction:
      • Nicotine is highly addictive.
      • Users can become physically and psychologically dependent.
  • Long-Term Health Effects:
      • Scientists are uncertain about long-term vaping effects.
      • Hard to separate effects of vaping from smoking as many users do both.
      • More research is needed to understand the complete health impact.
  • Quitting Smoking with E-Cigarettes:
    • For those trying to quit with medical help (NRT), e-cigarettes can lead to higher quit rates.
    • However, evidence for those quitting without medical help is inconclusive.

Why is it banned in India?

  • Ban on E-Cigarettes: In order to address concerns about the escalating use of e-cigarettes, particularly among young people, the Union government placed a ban on electronic cigarettes in 2019. The restriction was put in place to prevent the next generation from falling victim to a dangerous new nicotine addiction.
  • Ban violations: Despite the ban, tobacco control professionals are concerned that e-cigarettes are still being offered on e-commerce websites. The claim that these products are being offered to youngsters under the age of 18 is even more alarming because doing so is against the law and puts minors’ health at serious danger.

What are the precautions taken by Government in implementing the ban?

  • Weak Implementation: The Health Ministry previously issued a warning to all States and Union Territories concerning the Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes Act’s (PECA) lax implementation. Due to lax policing, e-cigarettes are now freely accessible through a variety of channels, including retail outlets, convenience stores, stationery stores, internet marketplaces, and even establishments close to educational institutions.
  • Launch of Online Reporting Portal: The Health Ministry has taken a proactive move by launching an online portal named www.violation-reporting.in in order to address these infractions and increase the implementation of the ban. The purpose of this page is to provide a platform for reporting any violations of the PECA connected to the manufacturing, manufacture, import, export, transport, sale, distribution, storage, and advertisement of e-cigarettes.
  • Faster Action and Stricter Enforcement: The government wants to act quickly when violations are reported online. The Health Ministry intends to promote more efficient implementation of the e-cigarette ban by facilitating quicker reporting and processing of complaints.
  • Support from Health Professionals The opening of the online site has been praised by health professionals who work in the tobacco control field. They regard it as a great step in the direction of safeguarding the next generation from the negative effects of e-cigarettes and reducing the growth in teen nicotine addiction.