Possible Way Out to Russia – Ukraine Crisis

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Possible Way Out to Russia – Ukraine Crisis


• Amidst the Russia – Ukraine crisis, it is important to know about few provinces which broke away from their former states.
• These broke away states cannot survive without the protection of Russia in all aspects that is economically, militarily and politically.

Which are these Para-States?

• South Ossetia and Abkhazia broke away from Georgia, their parent state. Transnistria also broke away from Moldova.
• However, all three territories have Russia as their patron state and are not recognised on an international platform.
• These states have internal sovereignty but not external, that is de jure they do not exist.
• It means these states are not recognised by international community but have their own governments, military, flag, etc.


What are major reasons for breaking away from Parent state?

• The regions which are mentioned above are those regions that enjoyed great amount of autonomy in the former Soviet.

• Disturbance in the relationship started declining after the rise of Nationalism in the parent state.
• During perestroika, Abkhazia declared independence and this led to a war between Georgia and Abkhazia.
• It was only with Russian support that Abkhazia won the war.
• Post 2008 Russia recognised Abkhazia as an independent state and after the Russian – Georgia war over Ossetia, Abkhazia took the remaining parts that were under the control of Georgia.
• Now there is Russian Military presence in Abkhazia and there is also an embassy of Russia in Abkhazia.
• Ossetia had planned for a referendum to integrate with Russia but did not take place because of Russian opposition
• In a referendum held in 2006, over 97% of Transnistrians voted for future integration with Russia and after the annexation of Crimea, the government asked if it could to be absorbed into Russia

Current Relations between Russia and these three states?

• These three states are seen as client states of Russia though Abkhazia has shown some opposition at times.
• South Ossetia and Trinistria are more pro-Russian than Abkhazia.
• Their economies and banking systems are all linked to Russia.

Way Ahead:

• Similarly, the Donbass republics of Donestk and Luhansk might follow the paths of these three states.
• Following which Russia will have friendly borders but can Russia manage these affairs amidst the western sanctions remains a question.


Source: THE HINDU.