Railways to expedite installation of safety systems on passenger trains

Railways to expedite installation of safety systems on passenger trains

Railways to expedite installation of safety systems on passenger trains


Three different fire safety systems will be swiftly installed on all different types of passenger carriages by the Indian Railways. The decision to expedite the installation of firefighting equipment on trains was made in the second week of August.

What is the safety device that is being fitted into Railway coaches?

  • The Indian Railways is acting right away to enhance the passenger coaches’ fire safety measures.
  • On all types of passenger coaches, three different types of fire safety equipment are being installed.
  • During the second week of August, the decision was made to increase fire safety precautions.

What was the context behind the decision to fit the safety devices?

  • In a prior occurrence, a Madurai tourist carriage caught fire and caused casualties.
  • Using fire extinguishers from the shunting engine, the shunting crew made an effort to put out the fire.
  • Handheld fire extinguishers could not put out the fire because of its intensity.
  • To put out the flames, which may have been started by a suspected cylinder blast, water vehicles were brought in.
  • The incident’s circumstances and the response strategy are being looked into by the Commissioner of Railway Safety.

What are the additional features added to the trains?

  • The installation of smoke and fire detection systems in AC coaches.
  • In pantry cars and power cars, fire detection and suppression devices are being added.
  • In coaches without AC, fire extinguishers are available.
  • All Zonal Railways’ General Managers have received instructions from the Railway Board.
  • The instruction is to make sure that the installation of the designated fire protection measures is finished as soon as possible.

What do these security features imply?

  • Passenger safety and avoiding injury or death are top priorities.
  • The importance of safety rules and checks is emphasized to stop dangerous situations.
  • The Indian Railways’ emphasis on resolving possible safety issues shows that they are taking a proactive approach.
  • Through the identification and remediation of vulnerabilities, it is intended to improve safety precautions and prevent incidents.


As a result of recent occurrences and the necessity to safeguard the safety of both passengers and employees, the Indian Railways is moving quickly to upgrade the fire safety systems on passenger carriages. Investigations are still going on to find out what caused the mishaps and to pinpoint where things may be done better. Enhancing safety measures and addressing potential vulnerabilities across the railway infrastructure are the main priorities of the leadership.