Request to Remove Access Restrictions

Request to Remove Access Restrictions


The Editors Guild of India urged Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar to remove media access restrictions for covering Parliament proceedings.


GS-02 (Polity)

Key Highlights

  • The Guild noted that the practice of limiting the number of mediapersons began during COVID-19 and argued that with the pandemic largely over, these restrictions should be lifted.
  • The Guild emphasized that even mediapersons with permanent accreditation have faced access restrictions, which should now be removed.
  • The Guild expressed concern over the non-reconstitution of the Press Advisory Committee, which was first established in 1929 under the guidance of Vithalbhai Patel, president of the Central Legislative Assembly.

Press Freedom in India:

  • India’s position in the press freedom index has been consistently poor, with rankings over 100 since 2003.
  • The graph illustrates India’s ranking in the index over the years, indicating a rapid erosion of press freedom in recent times. Despite a slight improvement to 159 in the 2024 index, India’s performance remains concerning. The index places India alongside nations like the occupied Palestinian territories, the UAE, Turkey, and Russia in terms of press freedom.

Importance of Press Freedom for India’s Democracy:

  • Press freedom ensures citizens stay informed about current events, enabling active participation in the democratic process.
  • A free press acts as a check on government abuse of power by uncovering corruption and human rights abuses.
  • Journalists hold officials accountable by investigating and reporting on government actions and policies.
  • It promotes transparency in government operations and decision-making processes.
  • A free press provides a platform for diverse perspectives, ensuring the concerns of various communities are heard.
  • It safeguards freedom of expression and the right to know, protecting individual and group rights.
  • It even enhances India’s reputation globally, demonstrating a commitment to democratic values.