Revival of the Khalisthan movement

Revival of the Khalisthan movement

Revival of the Khalisthan movement

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The Khalistan movement refers to the movement for the creation of a separate Sikh state, called Khalistan, in the Punjab region of India. The movement gained prominence in the 1980s and early 1990s but was largely suppressed by the Indian government in the mid-1990s.


  • The Punjab police have launched a manhunt against Amritpal Singh leader of  Waris Punjab De (WPD).

Points to Ponder:

  • Amritpal Singh first started stirring up attention on social media platforms during the protests against the controversial farm laws in Punjab
  • He became the Head of Waris Punjab De in 2022 after the demise of its founder Deep Sidhu. Intelligence agencies believed that Amritpal Singh was in contact with known terrorist groups and ISI.
  • He engaged in various activities like assault, Arson against public buildings, and attacks on police personnel.
  • Amritpal Singh styles himself as the notorious Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, which alarmed the police and intelligence officers

Historical Context:

  • The Khalistan movement emerged in the 1980s as a response to the perceived discrimination and marginalization of Sikhs in India, particularly in Punjab. The movement was marked by violent clashes between Sikh militants and Indian security forces, which resulted in a large number of casualties.

Political Support:

  • While the Khalistan movement does not enjoy widespread support among the Sikh community in India, some political parties in Punjab have expressed sympathy for the movement’s goals. These parties often cite the perceived injustices faced by Sikhs as a reason for supporting Khalistan.

International Support:

  • The Khalistan movement has also received support from some Sikh communities and organizations in other countries, particularly in Canada and the United Kingdom. These groups often hold rallies and demonstrations in support of Khalistan and seek to raise awareness of the movement’s goals.
  • The Khalistan movement faces several challenges in its efforts to gain support and achieve its goals. These include the Indian government’s opposition to the movement, the lack of widespread support among Sikhs in India, and the fact that many Sikhs view themselves as an integral part of India.
  • Overall, while the Khalistan movement remains a contentious issue in India, its prospects for success remain uncertain.