Risking all for The Love of Aravalis

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Risking all for The Love of Aravalis

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About Aravalis

  • They are spread across Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Delhi, over a total of 692 kilometre (km).
  • There are divided into two main ranges, Sambhar Sirohi Range and the Sambhar Khetri Range.
  • They are fold mountains formed in a convergent plate boundary.

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The significance of Aravalis
  • They act as a barrier between the fertile plains of Punjab and Haryana and the western desert (Thar).
  • They provide home to over 300 indigenous plant species and over 120 bird species and a range of endemic animal species.
  • They also help divert monsoon to the Sub Himalayan region which helps in the formation of multiple river systems in northern India.

What are the concerns

  • Illegal quarrying has resulted in the loss of a large portion of the hill ranges along with its forest cover.
  • The quarrying in the hill ranges increases the pollution caused by particulate matter (PM 10 and PM 2.5) in the Delhi NCR region.
  • The drainage pattern in the region has been altered resulting in the death of a number if rivers and their tributaries.
  • The loss of forested land has resulted in increasing conflict between man and animal as well as loss of the natural habitat of a large number of species.
Why illegal mining is continuing
  • The main reason can be said to be a lack of political will.
  • Another reason cited is the overlapping of jurisdictions due to the large area covered by the ranges as well as lack of clearcut demarcation in the region.