SagarSetu Platform

SagarSetu Platform


Union Minister for the Ports, Shipping & Waterways launched two digital modules within the SagarSetu (NLP-Marine) platform.


GS-02 (Governance)

New Modules Launched:

Maritime Single Window (MSW):

  • It is a cutting-edge digital platform designed to revolutionize the exchange of maritime-related information and documents, emphasizing harmonization and standardization for efficient data submission.
  • The system facilitates electronic submission, processing, and communication between government authorities, port operators, shipping agents, trade associations, and other stakeholders involved in international maritime trade.
  • It reduces reliance on paper and manual processes to usher in an era of zero-paper processes.
  • It also reduces the waiting time for vessels and goods in ports by up to 40%.

Mercantile Maritime Department (MMD):

  • This module encompasses two core functionalities in the Maritime Mobile Domain process.
  • The Vessel Detention function allows MMD officials to efficiently monitor the status of ships at ports, facilitating the planning of vessel inspections.
  • The Vessel Release functionality can be used by officials to update the release status of the vessel, signaling its readiness to depart the port.