Second bridge in bullet train project completed

Context : 

The National High-Speed Rail Corporation Ltd. (NHSRCL), the implementing organisation for the bullet train project to connect Mumbai and Ahmedabad, faced many difficulties when building a 360-meter-long bridge across the Purna river between Bilimora and Surat stations in Gujarat.

Points to Ponder:

  • Bridge Challenges: Because of the varying water levels, building the 360-meter-long bridge over the Purna River presented substantial difficulties. Every two weeks during high tides, the river would fill up by five to six metres, making it challenging to lay the foundation.
  • Continuous Monitoring: The NHSRCL implemented continuous monitoring of high and low tides from the Arabian Sea throughout the construction phase to address the issue of variable water levels. This made it easier to organise and modify the building activities as necessary.
  • Structure of the Bridge: The bridge is made up of nine full-span girders, each of which is 40 metres long. The bridge structure is supported horizontally by these girders. In addition, the girders of the bridge are supported by vertical constructions known as piers.
  • First Completed Bridge: The second river bridge to be finished as a result of the high-speed rail route project is the Purna River Bridge. In Gujarat’s Valsad district, a bridge crossing the Par River between the stations of Vapi and Bilimora was the first to be finished. This shows that the building of the entire project is moving along.
  • Longest Bridge in Gujarat: According to NHSRCL authorities, the Narmada Bharuch will be crossed by the state’s longest bridge, which will be 1.2 kilometres long. This bridge is anticipated to be a noteworthy engineering achievement in the area.
  • Ongoing Work: Work is still being done on numerous additional Gujarati rivers’ foundations, piers, and other infrastructure elements aside from the Purna River bridge. The Sabarmati, Mahi, Narmada, Tapi, and other rivers found in various Gujarati districts are among them.
  • Bullet Train Operational Date: Official projections state that the project’s operational completion date for the bullet train is 2026. This projection accounts for the development of bridges, piers, foundations, and other infrastructure projects along the high-speed rail track.