Sedition law should go: Sinha

Sedition law should go: Sinha

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Presidential Candidate Yashwant Sinha called for the repeal of the colonial era Section 124A of IPC aka Sedition Law saying it should no longer be a part of our legal system.

For Prelims

Sedition Law

  • Proposed by: Thomas Macaulay in 1837.
  • Not part of initial IPC.
  • Introduced by: Sir James Stephen in 1870 as an amendment to IPC.
  • IPC section 124A.
  • First case under sedition was: Queen Empress v Jogendra Chunder Bose.
  • Sedition is a non bailable offence.
  • Person charged under sedition is barred from holding government job.

Presidential Election

  • Elected through an electoral college made up of all the elected members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha as well as the elected members of all State Legislative Assemblies and Union Territories with legislature.
  • Nomination requires the support of 50 proposers and 50 supporters. This was implemented by the Election Commission since 1974.
  • An elector cannot propose or support more than one candidate.
  • Election held in accordance with proportional representation by means of a single transferable vote.

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