Semiconductor Chip Designing and Manufacturing

UPSC Current affairs - Semiconductor Chip Designing and Manufacturing

Semiconductor Chip Designing and Manufacturing



  • India is one of the leading centers for global semiconductor design companies.
  • Most global semiconductor design companies have set up design R&D innovation centers in India owing to exceptional semiconductor design talent pool making up to 20% of world’s semiconductor design engineers and high number of design Patents/ IPR registered in India.



  • Semiconductor supply chains are characterised by geographical concentration, with East Asia accounting for 75% of worldwide capacity. Only a few businesses in the world have cutting-edge fabrication technology and the capacity to build and manage semiconductor fabs using advanced technologies.
  • The semiconductor fabrication market is dominated by IDMs such as Samsung (South Korea), Intel (USA), SK Hynix (South Korea), and Foundries such as TSMC (Taiwan), Global Foundries (USA), and UMC (Taiwan).
  • The worldwide electronics and semiconductor value chains are exposed to a variety of dangers as a result of this concentration.
  • Building Indian semiconductor manufacturing skills is critical for India’s aims of becoming a prominent player in the global electronics and semiconductor value chain, as well as for industrial growth, digital sovereignty, technological leadership, national security, and self-reliance.

Government’s Role:

  • The government is laser-focused on achieving its critical goal of establishing an overall semiconductor ecosystem that would catalyse India’s fast expanding electronics manufacturing and innovation ecosystem.
  • The Union Cabinet, chaired by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, gave further impetus to Atmanirbhar Bharat’s vision in electronics and semiconductors by approving the Semicon India programme, with a total outlay of INR 76,000 crore for the development of our country’s semiconductor and display manufacturing ecosystem.
  • The program’s goal is to help companies invest in semiconductors, display production, and the design ecosystem.