Sri Lanka announces free visas for Indians to boost tourism

current affairs - 2023-10-25

Sri Lanka announces free visas for Indians to boost tourism



In an attempt to increase visitor numbers and aid in the rehabilitation of the island nation’s damaged economy in the wake of last year’s financial crisis, Sri Lanka on Tuesday relaxed visa requirements for visitors from six other nations and India.


Why did Sri Lanka waive the visa restrictions on India?

  • For visitors from India and six other nations, Sri Lanka eliminated visa fees to increase travel and aid in the nation’s economic recovery. The bulk of visitors to the nation come from India, which contributes significantly to its economy. 
  • The action is a component of initiatives to revitalize the nation’s flagging tourism industry, which was negatively damaged by the 2019 Easter Sunday bombs. The COVID-19 pandemic and the country’s political and economic unrest in South Asia have also presented difficulties for the tourism industry. 
  • The following nations are also part of the visa-free travel program: China, Russia, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand. 

What are the benefits for Sri Lanka from this initiative?

  • Increased Tourism Earnings: Sri Lanka can anticipate a rise in tourism earnings as a result of drawing more visitors, particularly from China and India. During their visit, tourists usually spend money on lodging, transportation, meals, and other activities, which boosts the local economy.
  • Boost for the Tourism Sector: Sri Lanka’s economy greatly benefits from the tourism sector. The nation can encourage the expansion of the tourism industry—which has been negatively impacted by several setbacks, including the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crises—by providing free tourist visas.
  • Foreign Exchange Earnings: One of Sri Lanka’s main sources of foreign exchange revenue is tourism. The nation’s foreign exchange reserves, which are crucial for handling its imports and external financial obligations, may be strengthened by the increased number of visitors.
  • Employment Creation: A flourishing tourism industry can generate employment in several industries, such as hospitality, travel, and services associated with travel. This can enhance residents’ quality of life and assist lower unemployment.
  • Promotion of Cultural Exchange: Traveling facilitates communication and the exchange of ideas between visitors and residents. This can encourage mutual understanding and goodwill among nations while highlighting Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage and customs.


What are the benefits for India?

  • Increased Outbound Tourism: One of India’s top tourist destinations, Sri Lanka, is now more easily accessible for Indian visitors. The elimination of visa requirements lowers the cost of travel to Sri Lanka for Indians, resulting in a rise in outbound travel.
  • Savings for Indian Travelers: Sri Lanka has become a more appealing travel destination since there are no longer any visa costs to pay. Indian visitors can economize by not having to pay for their visas.
  • Diverse Travel Options: Indian travellers have a wide range of choices for places to visit. They have an additional travel choice with the chance to visit Sri Lanka, which is well-known for its stunning beaches, historical landmarks, and cultural attractions.
  • Short journey Distance: Sri Lanka is a popular location for Indian tourists due to its proximity to India, which allows for shorter journey durations and more affordable airfares.
  • Historical and Cultural Exchange: There is a rich cultural history between Sri Lanka and India. The influx of Indian tourists has the potential to enhance cultural interchange, cultivate comprehension, and fortify interpersonal ties between the two countries.


By drawing tourists from important nations in the area and outside, this policy shift will play a major role in boosting tourism and the country’s economic recovery in Sri Lanka.