Rowing to success

Rowing to success Nehru Trophy Boat Race  Introduction to the Kuttanadu Boat Races: In Kuttanadu, a region recognized for its lakes and rivers, snake boat racing is a prominent cultural event. During August and September, thoughts in the area are dominated by the respected and […]

Kerala mural paintings

Kerala mural paintings #GS 01 Art and Culture For Prelims Kerala mural paintings Mural Paintings are large scale paintings made on the walls of caves and palaces. The earliest evidence of mural paintings that can be found are the beautiful frescoes painted on the caves […]


Mohiniyattam #GS 01 Art and Culture For Prelims Mohiniyattam Mohiniattam is one of the classical dance forms of India. Mohiniattam, which belongs to Kerala, takes its name from the mythic enchantress Mohini. The word ‘Mohini’ refers to the charming women avatar of Lord Vishnu- to […]


Ramcharitmanas #GS 01 Art and Culture For Prelims Ramcharitmanas Ramcharitmanas was written during the 16th century in the Awadhi language by Indian bhakti poet Tulsidas. It is based on the Ramayana and tells the story of Lord Ram from his birth to him becoming King […]