Silent Valley National Park

New species found in Silent Valley National Park #GS-03 Biodiversity For Prelims Silent Valley National Park Silent Valley National Park is located in state of Kerala in the Nilgiri hills. Silent Valley National Park is part of the Western Ghats World Heritage Site. It is […]

Biodiversity Heritage Site

Biodiversity Heritage Site #GS-03 Biodiversity For Prelims: Biodiversity Heritage Site: Biodiversity Heritage Sites are areas that are unique, ecologically fragile ecosystems – terrestrial, coastal, inland and marine waters – having a rich biodiversity. Sl No Biodiversity Heritage Site (BHS) District/State 1. Nallur Tamarind Grove Bangalore, […]

Amur falcons

Amur falcons #GS-03 Biodiversity For Prelims: About Amur Falcons: Scientific Name: Falco amurensis. IUCN Status: Least Concern. CITES: Schedule II. The species is protected under the Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, and the Convention on Migratory Species. Amur falcons are the world’s longest travelling raptors […]

The Man And Biosphere programme

A chance to expand the world’s biosphere footprint # GS-03 Biodiversity For Prelims About MAB: The Man And Biosphere programme is an intergovernmental scientific programme that aims to establish a scientific basis for enhancing the relationship between people and their environments. It combines the natural […]

Dhara Mustard Hybrid-11

Dhara Mustard Hybrid-11 #GS-03 Science and Technology, Biodiversity For Prelims: About Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC): Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) is the apex regulator of genetically modified plants and food products in the country. It functions under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate […]

Great One Horned Rhinoceros

Great One Horned Rhinoceros #GS-03 Biodiversity For Prelims: Types of Rhinos: There are five species of rhinos; white and black rhinos in Africa, and the greater one-horned, Javan and Sumatran rhino species in Asia. IUCN Status: Black Rhino: Critically endangered. Smaller of the two African […]

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

Invasive tree spreading in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve #GS-03 Biodiversity For Prelims: About Mudumalai Tiger Reserve: Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1942 in the Mudumalai forest area in Tamil Nadu. Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary was designated as Mudumalai National Park in 1990. Mudumalai was designated as […]