Delimitation #GS-02 Elections For Prelims Delimitation Delimitation denotes the act or process of fixing boundaries or limits of territorial constituencies in a country in order to better represent changes in population. Article 82 of the Constitution allows for the readjustment of the state wise allocation […]

Remote EVM (RVM)

Remote EVM (RVM) #GS-02 Elections For Prelims Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) EVMs were introduced in India for the first time during the by-election to the North Paravur Assembly constituency in Kerala in 1982. The EVMs were used in the general election for the first time […]

Remote Voting for NRIs

Remote Voting for NRIs  #GS-02 Election For Prelims: About Remote Voting: Remote voting may take place in person somewhere other than an assigned polling station or at another time, or votes may be sent by post or cast by an appointed proxy. The Representation of […]