Europe’s Dependence on LNG

Europe’s Dependence on LNG Context: The EU is weaning itself off piped Russian gas by rapidly expanding imports of liquified natural gas, As liquified natural gas tankers carrying fracked US gas start to land in northern Germany, climate activists are calling it a major setback […]

Green Bonds

Green Bonds Context: Recently, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced that it will, for the first-time, issue Sovereign Green Bonds (SgrBs) worth Rs 16,000 crore, in two tranches of Rs 8,000 crore each in the current financial year. Importance of the Green Bonds: Green […]

Innovation in Agriculture

Innovation in Agriculture Context: With the first bio-energy plant of a private enterprise starting commercial operations on October 18 in the Sangrur region of Punjab, the first wave of a renewable energy revolution with roots in agriculture is starting to take shape in India. Paddy […]

Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR)

Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR) Context: The much-awaited tiger safari project of the Uttarakhand government is under scanner after a Forest Survey of India (FSI) report stated that over 6,000 trees were illegally cut in the Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR) against the permission for 163 for […]

Stepping back from an ecological abyss

Stepping back from an ecological abyss For Mains What are the causes of concern for environment in India According to NITI Aayog, “600 million people in India face high to extreme water stress… with nearly 70% of water being contaminated; India is placed at 120th […]