Time to put a price on carbon emissions

Time to put a price on carbon emissions Points to ponder: A carbon tax is a tool that captures the external costs of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions—costs of emissions that the general public bears—and links them to their sources through a price, typically in […]

Biodegradable Plastic

Biodegradable Plastic #GS-03 Environment and Ecology, Science and Technology For Prelims Biodegradable Plastic A product is biodegradable when it can be decomposed by biological organisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae, etc in a favourable environment. Plastics developed form biomass (plants) such as corn, sugarcane, vegetable […]

Green Bonds

Green Bonds Context: Recently, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced that it will, for the first-time, issue Sovereign Green Bonds (SgrBs) worth Rs 16,000 crore, in two tranches of Rs 8,000 crore each in the current financial year. Importance of the Green Bonds: Green […]

COP27 and energy equity

The real issue at COP27 is energy equity #GS-03 Environment and Ecology For Mains: The corelation between development and access to energy: In 2021, 733 million people had no access to electricity and almost 2.6 billion people lacked access to clean fuels and technologies. The […]

Vanuatu’s plea on Climate Change

Vanuatu’s big plea does little to arrest climate change #GS-03 Environment and Ecology, #GS-02 International Relations For Prelims: About Vanuatu: Vanuatu officially the Republic of Vanuatu is an island country located in the South Pacific Ocean which is volcanic in origin. The Republic of Vanuatu […]

Ganges River Dolphin

Ganges River Dolphin #GS-03 Environment and Ecology For Prelims: About Ganges River Dolphin: The Ganges River dolphin (Platanista gangetica) was officially discovered in 1801. It is also known by the name susu (popular name) or “Sisu” (Assamese language) and shushuk (Bengali). Ganges river dolphins once […]

Stubble Burning

Addressing north India’s burning issue sustainably #GS-03 Environment and Ecology, Pollution For Mains What is Stubble Burning: Stubble burning is the practice of intentionally setting fire to the straw stubble that remains after grains, such as rice and wheat, have been harvested. This is seen […]

Mission LiFE

Mission LiFE #GS-03 Environment and Ecology For Prelims: About Mission LiFE: Mission LiFE (Lifestyle For Environment) is a new initiative for sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Mission LiFe is a global initiative by India to help the world in its fight against climate change and lead […]

Six spider species discovered

Six spider species discovered #GS-03 Environment and Ecology For Prelims: The new species discovered: Siamspinops garoensis: It is the first spotting of the genus Siamspinops from India. It belongs to the family of flat spiders, Selenopidae. The species is endemic to Garo hills in Meghalaya. […]

Eco-sensitive zone

Eco-sensitive zone #GS-03 Environment and Ecology Why in News? The Supreme Court on 14-10-22 indicated it may consider taking up Kerala’s review of the Supreme Court’s judgment to have a one-km eco-sensitive zone ringing protected forests, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries across the country along […]