Genome-sequencing screening for babies

Genome-sequencing screening for babies Context: Recent developments have made genome sequencing more accessible, inexpensive, and available to more people. Additionally, it provides substantially higher coverage for genetic disease screenings. Importantly, this could aid medical professionals in making an accurate diagnosis quickly because sequencing is also […]

Kerala: An Exemplary Story In Palliative Care

Kerala: An Exemplary Story In Palliative Care Context: Kerala demonstrates how several social groups came together to build a care infrastructure despite differences in gender, caste, religion, and class. For patients who are poor and ill, palliative care organisations provide weekly home visits by a […]

H5N1 Outbreak And Impacts

H5N1 Outbreak And Impacts Context: India, which has one of the greatest reserves of cattle in the world, is “risk and vulnerable” to the ongoing avian influenza (H5N1) epidemics occurring around the world, a concern made worse by the potential for mammalian transmission, according to […]