India, U.S. To Hike Technology Cooperation

India, U.S. To Hike Technology Cooperation Context: Under the Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies (CET) announced earlier this year, India and the U.S. are debating the possibility of producing jet engines, long-range artillery, and infantry vehicles together. According to officials, some high-technology initiatives are […]

Problem With India’s Multi-Alignment Stand

Problem With India’s Multi-Alignment Stand Context: India’s approach to conflict resolution has once again been under the spotlight as a result of China’s recent mediation efforts to address the Ukraine situation. To increase its appeal as a soft power player, India has increasingly exploited a […]

Japan-South Korea Relationship

Japan-South Korea Relationship Context: Since the relations have been strained amid Japan’s refusal to apologise for its occupation of Korea, Fumio Kishida is the first Japanese prime minister to visit Seoul in 12 years. But because of worries about China and North Korea, both nations […]

Rescue Service

Rescue Service  Context: On Tuesday, the first batch of Indians stuck in conflict-torn Sudan was evacuated aboard the INS Sumedha from Port Sudan as part of Operation Kaveri. The group of 278 people were among the first to arrive in Port Sudan during the 72-hour […]