Indian Paintings Part 3

Indian Paintings Part 3 Rajasthani School of Painting The Rajasthani School of painting takes inspiration from Indian epics, religious texts like the Puranas, love poems in Sanskrit and other Indian languages, Indian folk-lore and works on musical themes. Since the Rajputs were the main ruling […]

Indian Paintings Part 2

Indian Paintings Part 2 Miniature Paintings Miniature paintings are characterised with small and detailed paintings. Human forms are most commonly seen from the side, with large eyes, a narrow waist, a sharp nose, and so on. The full flowering of miniature painting began when India […]

Indian Paintings Part 1

Indian Paintings Part 1 Pre-Historic Painting The subjects of their drawings were human figures, human activities, geometric designs and symbols. In India the earliest paintings have been reported from the Upper Palaeolithic times. Humans are represented in stick-like forms. A long-snouted animal, a fox and […]