Orthodox Christmas

Orthodox Christmas Context: Russia announced a 36-hour ceasefire to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine from noon on January 6 to midnight on January 7, this was to mark the Orthodox Christmas. Why the difference in the dates? The difference in dates has got to do […]

India’s Push for Millets

India’s Push for Millets Context: At a pre-launch celebration of the International Year of Millets 2023 organised by the Ministries of Agriculture and External Affairs on Thursday, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar named “Covid, conflict, and climate” as the world’s main food security challenges, and […]

Turkey’s New Disinformation Law

Turkey’s New Disinformation Law Context: Turkey’s parliament adopted the much-critiqued ‘disinformation law’ that accords jail terms of up to three years to social media users and journalists for spreading ‘disinformation’. About the law: The “disinformation law” is a collection of roughly 40 articles that would […]

Lessons From the Cuban Missile Crisis

Lessons From the Cuban Missile Crisis Context: Russia’s short ‘special military operation’ to ‘de-Nazify and de-militarise’ Ukraine is already a nine-month-war, and likely to extend into 2023; trans-Atlantic North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) unity under U.S. leadership despite visible internal differences has not collapsed; Mr. […]

Changes in China’s Constitution

Changes in China’s Constitution Context: China’s Communist Party on Saturday ended its once-in-five-year congress approving changes to its Constitution that have further enshrined leader Xi Jinping’s unchallenged “core” status. About: According to the revised Constitution, it is now “an obligation for all party members” to […]

Kremlin’s Defiance of International Law

Kremlin’s Defiance of International Law Context: In the ongoing military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Russia is accused of constantly violating the international laws. This was evident when Russia did not comply by the decisions of International Court of Justice (ICJ) Background: Moscow keeps on […]

Significance of Semiconductor Chips

Significance of Semiconductor Chips Context: The semiconductor chips are becoming vital part of the world and is bound to shape the lives of people around the world. Critical sectors such as defence, telecom, electronics and mobility are hugely impacted by the chip shortage. Every message […]