Taiwan's Health Commitments

Taiwan’s Health Commitments


  • Taiwan completely backs the World Health Organization’s “Triple Billion targets” and SDGs relating to health. 
  • Taiwan is dedicated to establishing an inclusive and equitable universal health coverage system, strengthening its primary healthcare system, and constructing a more resilient and equitable health service supply chain.
  •  It is ready and prepared to offer its expertise in developing a cross-sectoral, cutting-edge, and people-centred health approach to assist the global community in achieving the SDGs on health

Points to Ponder:

  • Taiwan fully backs both the World Health Organization’s “Triple Billion targets” and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that pertain to health.
  • By utilising its extensive public healthcare system, knowledgeable workforce, and epidemiological surveillance, investigation, and analytic methods, Taiwan successfully contained the COVID-19 epidemic.

  • Prenatal examinations, gestational diabetes screening, anaemia tests, cervical screenings, and HPV vaccinations
    are all part of Taiwan’s disease prevention and management programmes, which aim to lower pregnancy risks, improve maternal and infant health, and fight cancer.
  • All people in Taiwan have access to a variety of necessary treatments and financial security thanks to the National Health Insurance (NHI).
  • With plans for a new NHI programme, Taiwan is dedicated to advancing digital health and innovation to improve the availability and calibre of healthcare services.
  • Taiwan is looking into ways to use artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to improve healthcare.
  • Taiwan granted 13 export licences for its herbal supplement NRICM101 to assist the region’s nations in fighting the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • To avoid future drug shortages, Taiwan is taking proactive steps to bolster domestic manufacturing of essential medications and pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Taiwan requests assistance from the World Health Organisation and other pertinent parties for its admission as an observer to the World Health Assembly and its full participation in WHO meetings, processes, and activities.
  • Taiwan believes that by being included, the world would become healthier, more sustainable, and more egalitarian and that no country, including Taiwan, which has significantly improved global health, should be left behind.