Tele-Law Programme

Tele-Law Programme

Tele-Law Programme


The Tele-Law 2.0 initiative was launched marking the evolution of the Tele-Law program of the Department of Justice, Ministry of Law & Justice. Operating under the DISHA Scheme, this program has reached a momentous achievement of having successfully provided 50 lakh legal consultations. This accomplishment underscores its steadfast commitment to extending justice to all corners of the country.


GS-02 (Government Policies and Interventions)

The Tele-Law Programme:

  • The Tele-Law initiative operates under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice, a division of the Ministry of Law and Justice.
  • Launched in the year 2017, it stands as a groundbreaking platform for securing legal advice and consultation during the pre-litigation stage, driven by the vision of “Reaching the Unreached.”
  • This ingenious program is designed to bridge the gap between those seeking legal aid, particularly the marginalized and underserved, and Panel Lawyers through a digital interface.
  • This connection is established via video conferencing or telephonic facilities accessible at Common Service Centres (CSCs) located at the grassroots level, such as panchayats. Additionally, the convenience of the Tele-Law Mobile App extends the service’s reach even further.
  • A Panel Lawyer, meticulously chosen by the Department of Justice and CSC-eGovernance Services, or registered on the Panel of State/District Legal Services Authority, acts as the legal expert in this collaborative effort.

Eligibility Criteria:

The Tele-Law service extends its arms to provide legal advice to a broad spectrum of individuals. Free legal advice is extended to those who fall under the purview of Section 12 of the LSA Act, 1987. This includes:

  • Women
  • Children
  • Individuals from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
  • Victims of Trafficking
  • People with Mental Illness or Different Abilities
  • Victims of Natural Disasters or Ethnic Violence
  • Unorganized Sector or Industrial Workers
  • Undertrials
  • Individuals with Limited Income
  • For other individuals, a nominal consultation fee of Rs. 30/- is applicable.

Scope of Legal Assistance:

The Tele-Law service covers a diverse range of legal matters, offering guidance on issues such as:

  • Resolving dowry-related disputes and family conflicts, including divorce proceedings and protection against domestic violence.
  • Addressing cases of sexual harassment, abuse, and eve-teasing in workplace environments.
  • Ensuring maintenance for women, children, and senior citizens.
  • Navigating property and land rights.
  • Advocating for equal wages regardless of gender.
  • Securing maternity benefits and preventing the heinous practice of foeticide.
  • Addressing atrocities committed against Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, along with rehabilitation efforts.