The world must be adequately prepared for the next pandemic


Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan cautioned about the next pandemic that may hit our country and it’s the responsibility of the nations to come together and prevent it from happening.

Points to ponder:

  • According to Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bushan
      •  The following pandemic will not wait for global treaties: Bhushan warns that it is neither practical nor effective to address future pandemics solely through international treaties.
      • Need for immediate preparedness: Because billions of people’s lives and livelihoods will be in jeopardy in the event of the next pandemic, it is critical to be adequately prepared.
  • Michael Ryan (Leader Chief, WHO Wellbeing Crisis Program):
      • Global cooperation to ensure fair access: To ensure that medicines, vaccines, and diagnostics reach those most in need fairly, nations must collaborate.
      • Further developing reaction to future pandemics: For a better global response to future pandemics, efforts are being made to plot a course for the future.
      • India’s capabilities and role: India is well-positioned to provide healthcare services, particularly to underserved areas, thanks to its innovations in digital health and strong pharmaceutical manufacturing base. India’s attention to these issues during its presidency of the G-20 is perfectly appropriate.
  • Director of the WHO’s Department of Digital Health and Innovation, Alain Labrique:
      • Healthcare systems are strengthened by digital health: Primary healthcare systems are strengthened and universal health coverage is enhanced by digital health.
      • Relevant and current data: Access to timely and relevant data through digital health is crucial for healthcare decision-making and resource allocation.
      • Priority is given to equity: The objective of digital health is to guarantee equity so that no one is denied access to healthcare. It is a tried-and-true route to achieving universal health objectives.
  • V.K. Paul, NITI Aayog member:
    • All-inclusive wellbeing inclusion through computerized wellbeing: Computerized wellbeing empowers the consistent trade of wellbeing data among suppliers, frameworks, patients, policymakers, and different partners, working with all-inclusive wellbeing inclusion.
    • Insights into the future: By 2035, Dr Paul envisions a world in which all individuals have access to comprehensive digital health services and tools.