To enhance IAF efficiency, govt. to buy weapons locally

To enhance IAF efficiency, govt. to buy weapons locally

What is the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC)?

India’s decision-making body for approving capital acquisition requests for defence-related purchases is the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC). It is led by the defence minister and is made up of senior representatives from various defence and finance-related departments.

What are the functions of the Defence Acquisition Council?

  • Approval of Capital Acquisitions: The DAC evaluates and approves capital procurement bids for the Army, Navy, and Air Force—the three arms of the Indian armed services. These plans call for the acquisition of new tools, platforms, weapons systems, and defense-related technologies.
  • Setting Acquisition Rules: The DAC develops and establishes acquisition rules and standards for the defence sector, taking into account elements including national security, strategic needs, technological breakthroughs, and financial limits.
  • Supporting Indigenous Production: The DAC is essential in supporting indigenous research and development of defence technology. It frequently highlights the significance of native defence manufacturing capabilities and promotes partnerships between Indian defence firms and foreign technology suppliers.
  • Procurement Methods: The council chooses the vendors for various defence projects and sets the procurement methods, such as direct purchases, open bidding, or technology transfer agreements.
  • Ensuring Transparency and Accountability: The judgments made by the DAC are intended to uphold accountability, fairness, and transparency in the defence procurement process. This is essential to stop fraud and corruption in the procurement of defence supplies.

What were the important decisions taken by the DAC regarding the requirements for IAF?

  • Acceptance of Necessity (AoN) for Capital Acquisition: The DAC approved capital acquisition bids totalling about Rs. 7,800 crores. This indicates that they have given the green light for these procurement projects to move forward.
  • Mi-17 V5 Helicopter Electronic Warfare Suite: The DAC approved an AoN for the purchase and installation of an electronic warfare suite for Mi-17 V5 helicopters. By strengthening their electronic warfare capabilities, the helicopters’ survivability is meant to be improved by this suite. Bharat Electronics Ltd. will be used for the purchase.
  • Ground-Based Autonomous Systems: The DAC gave its approval for the mechanized infantry and armoured regiments to purchase ground-based autonomous systems. These systems will be equipped with features like unmanned surveillance, logistical support for providing gasoline, ammunition, and spare parts, as well as combat casualty evacuation.
  • Light machine guns (LMGs) and bridge-laying tanks (BLTs): The DAC also decided to introduce light machine guns, which will improve the infantry forces’ fighting capability. In addition, bridge-laying tanks will be acquired, allowing mechanized forces to advance more quickly.