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Torrefied Biomass Pellets


• Through its R&D wing, NETRA, NTPC intends to provide a platform to Indian startups to enable them to develop advanced technology for producing torrefied biomass pellets that are well-suited for decentralized small-scale users.

What are Biomass pellets?

• Biomass pellets are a type of biomass fuel that is very popular. These pellets are mostly made from agricultural biomass, wood wastes, forestry residues, commercial grasses, etc.
• These pellets not only help in saving the cost of storage and transportation, but the biomass pellets also help in facilitating cost-effective handling.

Current Status in India

• India produces 230 MMTA of biomass, which is either squandered or burned. Biomass co-firing in power plants has shown to be a crucial method for dealing with this problem and lowering carbon emissions.
• Biomass co-firing in coal-fired power plants was pioneered by NTPC. Since implementing co-firing, NTPC has been working to boost the entire Biomass sector value chain in a variety of ways.
• Many NTPC units have already begun the required biomass pellet co-firing with coal. For a number of plants, long-term procurement has also begun.
• Until far, the emphasis has primarily been on non-torrefied biomass pellets.
• Torrefied biomass pellet production, on the other hand, should be prioritised for bulk biomass consumption since torrefied biomass pellets have a higher energy density and properties similar to coal.
• Furthermore, torrefied biomass pellets will save transportation expenses on average. Currently, torrefied pellet technology is still in its early stages of development.
• The Union Ministry of Power established the National Mission for the Use of Biomass in Thermal Power Plants (Mission SAMARTH), which mandates 5-10% biomass co-firing in all coal-fired thermal power plants across the country.
• Biomass co-firing in power plants was also included in the Union Budget Speech for 2022 as a key technique for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and generating money for farmers.

Source: THE HINDU.

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