#GS II International Relations

The necessity of the hour:

  • Countries opposing Russia’s invasion should ask the UN General Assembly to recommend a peacekeeping operation with the purpose of maintaining humanitarian access.

What are the sources of funding for UN peacekeeping missions:

  • While the Security Council makes decisions regarding whether a peacekeeping operation should be established, maintained, or expanded, all UN Member States share responsibility for funding peacekeeping operations.
  • Every Member State is legally bound to contribute their fair contribution to peacekeeping efforts. This is in compliance with the terms of UN Charter Article 17 of the United Nations Charter.
For the period 2020-2021, the top five contributors to UN peacekeeping operations in terms of assessed contributions are:
  • United States of America (27.89 percent ).
  • China is a country that has a (15.21 percent ).
  • Japan is a country that has a (8.56 percent ).
  • Germany is a country that has a (6.09 percent ).
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain (5.79 percent ).

What is the definition of peacekeeping? What is the importance of this:

  • The Department of Peacekeeping Operations and the Department of Operational Support collaborate on UN peacekeeping.
  • The Security Council must approve any peacekeeping mission.


  • Soldiers, police officers, and civilians make up UN peacekeepers (sometimes known as Blue Berets or Blue Helmets because of their light blue berets or helmets).
  • Member states contribute peacekeeping forces on a voluntary basis.
  • The UN Secretariat recruits and deploys international civil workers for peacekeeping operations.

Three essential ideas guide UN peacekeeping:

  • The parties’ agreement.
  • Impartiality
  • Except in self-defense and defence of the mandate, no use of force is permitted.


Source The Hindu