Uncrewed Robot Flight “Vyommitra” Scheduled Ahead of “Gaganyaan” Mission

Uncrewed Robot Flight “Vyommitra” Scheduled Ahead of “Gaganyaan” Mission


Before India’s ambitious “Gaganyaan” mission, which aims to send Indian astronauts into space for the first time, a woman robot astronaut named “Vyommitra” will embark on an uncrewed space mission.


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Vyommitra’s Uncrewed Space Mission

  • The uncrewed robot flight, named “Vyommitra,” is slated to occur in the third quarter of this year.
  • Vyommitra, designed as a female robot astronaut, is crafted to simulate human functions in the space environment.
  • The name “Vyommitra” originates from two Sanskrit terms: “Vyoma” (which translates to Space) and “Mitra” (meaning Friend). This female robot astronaut possesses the ability to monitor module parameters, issue alerts, and execute life support operations.
  • It can also handle tasks such as operating six panels and responding to queries. Designed to simulate human functions in the space environment, the Vyommitra astronaut interacts seamlessly with the life support system.

Gaganyaan Manned Mission

  • Launch Date: The ambitious “Gaganyaan” mission, India’s first human-manned space flight carrying Indian astronauts, is scheduled for launch in 2025.
  • Objectives: Gaganyaan aims to demonstrate human space capabilities by launching a crew of astronauts into an orbit of 400 kilometers and safely bringing them back to Earth by landing in India’s sea waters.
  • Progress and Preparations:
    • Test Vehicle Flight TV D1: A significant milestone was achieved with the completion of the Test Vehicle Flight TV D1 on October 21 last year. This test aimed to qualify the crew escape system and parachute system.
    • Human Rating of Launch Vehicle: The human rating of the launch vehicle is complete, and all propulsion stages are qualified. All necessary preparations are in place for the Gaganyaan mission.