Understanding the street dogs-human conflict

Understanding the street dogs-human conflict



  • Numerous reports on animal attack on humans all over the country.

Points to ponder:

  • Dogs have been our companions for thousands of years and provide us with protection and emotional support.
  • Intolerance towards animals, including dogs, cats, cows, birds, and others, is increasing.
  • Dogs have been coexisting with humans for 25,000 years and provide us with protection, emotional support, and companionship.
  • Violence towards animals is often instigated by Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) seeking to identify an enemy and gain power.
  • Conflicts between humans and dogs are symptoms of a larger problem that can be remedied by being kind to dogs and following management rules.
  • The Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules (ABC Rules) of 2001 have been recommended as the only way to bring about a sustained decline in the dog population, incidence of rabies, and aggression in dogs, but necessary measures have not been implemented.
  • Adopting Indian dogs and encouraging others to do so could help reduce the number of dogs on the streets.
  • Native dogs have better immune systems and make great pets.
  • Reports of dog attacks must be tested on the benchmark of proof to avoid spreading false information.
  • Acting responsibly, scientifically, and humanely towards animals is essential for the well-being of all species.