US Tech Sanctions on China

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US Tech Sanctions on China


  • China has been facing technical sanctions from USA, this also coincides with the rise of China’s Digital Silk Road (DSR) enterprise under the Belt and Road Initiative.


  • In the recent past, the technological sector of China has been facing these challenges especially from USA.
  • The acceleration in tech sanctions by the US comes amidst the rise of China’s Digital Silk Road (DSR) enterprise under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
  • One of the major characteristic feature of the DSR includes Public–Private partnership in critical information infrastructure.
  • Hikvision, like many private Chinese companies, has collaborated with Beijing on several of DSR’s undertakings, particularly in Africa. Sanctions by the US, thus, impact these BRI projects.
Sanctions on some of the Tech Giants
  • The Digital Silk Road has shifted the world’s attention from BRI’s hard infrastructure projects to its projects in the technological sector
So, it has led to the target by the US through some of the policies including:
  1. National Defence Authorization Act 2019,
  2. Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act 2020, and the
  3. Hong Kong Autonomy Act 2020, which have imposed sanctions on China-based entities.
Are the private companies aiding China’s Digital Silk Road initiative?
  • The companies including Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Hikvision and ZTE have worked in tandem with China’s Digital Silk Road initiative.
  • To quote an example Huawei, the tech giant is setting up 5G infrastructure in many BRI countries.
  • And also other major Chinese firms have been collaborating with several African and Latin American countries in various sectors including 5G, smart city fibre-optic cables, etc.


Source The Hindu

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