Vostok-2022 begins in Russia with India, China participating

Vostok-2022 begins in Russia with India, China participating

For Prelims

About Vostok-2022:

  • Vostok – 2022 is a multilateral strategic and command exercise.
  • The exercise is scheduled to be held from September 01 to September 07.
  • The exercise will involve more than 50,000 troops from China, India and several other countries.
  • The exercise aims to allow the armies of the participating countries to “practice defensive and offensive operations” at seven training grounds of the Eastern Military District and in maritime and coastal areas of the Sea of Okhotsk and the Sea of Japan.
  • The Indian Army contingent including troops from 7/8 Gorkha Rifles has been sent to participate in the exercise.

For Mains

Concerns for India

  • The United States has concerns about India participating in the exercise due to the ongoing Ukraine conflict.
  • The strong presence of China shows growing defence cooperation between Russia and China as they both face increasing tensions with the United States.

Why India needs Russia:

  • Russia has been a traditional ally for India, from the Soviet era till now.
  • 70% of Indian military equipment are built by or are of Russian origin.
  • India has been buying large quantities of Russian oil at a cheaper rate since the conflict began.



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