Why the World Needs Peace in Ukraine

Editorial Analysis for IAS - Why the World Needs Peace in Ukraine

Why the World Needs Peace in Ukraine

For Prelims

  • Countries bordering Black Sea: Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine.
  • Kerch Strait: Connects Black Sea to Sea of Azov aka Straits of Yenikale.
  • Crimean Bridge: Built by Russia to connect Russian Mainland with Kerch region of Crimea. It has a length of 19 km.

For Mains

Concerns for India.
  • Western sanctions on Russia have led to a major increase in energy prices, which has also impacted India heavily since we depend on imports to meet 80% of our crude oil needs.
  • The war has taken two-thirds of the world’s wheat exports off the markets, sending food prices soaring.
  • India used to import 75% of its sunflower seeds and oil from Ukraine; that is now down to zero.
  • This has exacerbated the current economic situation which is still reeling from the occasional outbursts of Omicron.
  • The recent lockdown in China due to covid resurgence has again put the global supply lines under stress.
  • This along with the recent financial crisis in Sri Lanka which is one of the trade hubs along Indian ocean has again put major stress on supply lines.

What India can do?

  • India can leverage its strong relations with both the West and Russia to reach an amicable solution to the war.

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