World Consumer Rights Day, 2024: Empowering Consumers and Ensuring Fairness


The Union Minister recently unveiled several initiatives aimed at safeguarding consumer rights on the occasion of World Consumer Rights Day 2024.

GS-02 (Governance)

World Consumer Rights Day:

  • It is observed annually on March 15.
  • It is dedicated to raising global awareness about consumer rights, protection, and empowerment.
  • The theme for 2024, ‘Fair and responsible AI for consumers,’ sheds light on issues such as misinformation, privacy breaches, and discriminatory practices in AI-driven platforms.

Initiatives for Consumer Protection:

  • Video Conferencing Facility: Introduced in State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commissions to enhance accessibility and efficiency in resolving consumer complaints.
  • E-jagriti Portal: Facilitates easy e-filing of complaints for swift resolution, ensuring hassle-free redressal for consumers.
  • Dissemination of Indian Standard Time: The Legal Metrology Division, DoCA, collaborated with NPL and ISRO to disseminate time accurately, benefiting consumers in various sectors.
  • Integrated Price Monitoring Dashboard: Monitors daily retail and wholesale prices of 22 essential food commodities across 34 states/UTs, providing data visualization and analytics for informed consumer decisions.
  • OIML Certification Agency: India obtained certification as an OIML issuing authority, enhancing credibility in metrology standards and ensuring quality assurance for consumers.
  • CCPA Website Launch: The launch of the CCPA website facilitates seamless redressal of consumer rights violations, empowering consumers as a collective entity.


  • These initiatives underscore the government’s commitment to strengthening consumer protection mechanisms, promoting fairness, transparency, and accountability in the marketplace.