World Hydrogen Summit 2024

World Hydrogen Summit 2024


Recently, India participated in the World Hydrogen Summit 2024 held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


GS-3 – Environment and Ecology

About the World Hydrogen Summit:

  • India’s Secretary from the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy addressed the summit, highlighting the country’s strategic vision and advancements in renewable energy and green hydrogen production.
  • The World Hydrogen Summit is the largest global event dedicated to hydrogen, attracting around 15,000 delegates from around the world. This event serves as a crucial platform for government representatives and private sector leaders to showcase innovations, foster connections, engage in discussions, collaborate, and drive forward the hydrogen industry.
  • For the first time, India set up its own pavilion at the World Hydrogen Summit 2024, marking a significant step in its commitment to the global hydrogen economy.

Green hydrogen:

  • Green hydrogen is a clean energy source generated through water electrolysis using renewable energy from wind, solar, and hydro power. It can play a crucial role in transitioning to a carbon-free economy, offering benefits such as zero greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Developing renewable energy sources like green hydrogen enhances energy independence, reducing vulnerability to price shocks and supply disruptions associated with finite fossil fuels.
  • It also fosters job creation in the renewable energy sector, addressing specialized needs in production, storage, and distribution.
  • Green hydrogen can replace fossil fuels in challenging-to-decarbonize sectors, such as heavy industry and aviation, contributing to a reduction in their carbon footprint.