Wound Dressing Utilizing Banana Fibres

Wound Dressing Utilizing Banana Fibres


Innovative Wound Dressing Utilizing Banana Fibres Developed by Indian Researchers


GS-03 (Science and technology, Innovations)


  • Researchers from the Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology (IASST), operating under the Department of Science and Technology, have engineered an environmentally friendly wound dressing material using banana pseudo stems, typically regarded as agricultural byproducts.
  • By blending banana fibres with biopolymers such as chitosan and guar gum, they have produced a versatile patch boasting exceptional mechanical durability and antioxidant attributes.
  • Moreover, they have incorporated an extract derived from the Vitex negundo L. plant into the patch, enhancing its functionality as a vehicle for in vitro drug release and as an antibacterial agent.


  • This wound dressing material not only offers a sustainable solution for wound care but also underscores the potential of repurposing the abundant banana plant, thereby potentially benefitting farmers and reducing environmental impact.