India Pushes for Reforms in the UNSC

India Pushes for Reforms in the UNSC


  • The External Affairs Minister of India Mr. Jaishankar has hosted a meeting of the G-4 countries which includes Japan, Germany and Brazil, all of which have strong SC permanent seat aspirations.
  • He also hosted a meeting for the L-69 grouping in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.


  • The system is aware that this will not be a simple process, and China and a small number of detractors will try their best to thwart UNSC reform initiatives.
  • However, India’s participation in the Security Council during the past 1.5 years and the significance of its voice have given the administration new vigour on the subject.
  • It is eager to advance the reform narrative and bring up the subject at the General Assembly.
  • This will compel nations like China to come out in the open rather than concealing behind a verbal commitment to change, as was shown in the most recent BRICS ministerial communique on Thursday, and the more substantial opposition it has shown to all reform initiatives.
Challenges & Way Forward:
  • The Inter-Governmental Negotiations (IGN) on SC reform have continued to make little headway, and the G4 grouping has expressed its “alarm” over this.
  • They reiterated their resolve to tackle the matter decisively and with more urgency during the 77th Session of the UNGA and voiced their “disappointment at concerted attempts to obstruct this process.”
  • Explicit American support for SC reform in recent weeks was evident, including President Joe Biden’s mention of it in his address to the UN general assembly and statements from American officials stating explicitly that they support India’s ambition, has also given India hope.

Source The Hindu

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