SC bats for disabled IPS candidates

SC bats for disabled IPS candidates

SC bats for disabled IPS candidates

For Mains

Why we must allow differently abled candidates into IPS
  • Israeli, American, and Canadian forces allow the participation of the differently abled candidates; hence, India can also try.
  • Many police departments which do not require field work, such as the cybercrime wing which are “grossly understaffed”, and hence could accommodate differently abled persons who cleared the services exam.
  • Currently in India differently abled persons were allowed to join the CRPF, even Delhi and Kerala Police while IPS still remains a daydream for them.
  • Exclusion of differently abled persons from IPS amounted to the abuse of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act.

What are the concerns for allowing differently abled candidates from holding IPS:

  • Police is a physically challenging and strenuous job which demands certain physical capabilities in order to effectively do the job.
  • Inability to effectively do their job can cause psychological trauma to the candidates on a long term.
  • Lack of performance can affect their ability to gain promotions which can lead to career stagnation.

What can be done

  • Different training regimen for differently abled candidates can be adopted.
  • Differently abled candidates can be posted to administrative jobs which do not require field work.
  • They can be given postings where their disabilities will not impact their performance.


        Source The Hindu