Tamil Nadu-Tribal Golden Handshakes

Tamil Nadu-Tribal Golden Handshakes #GS1 #Salient features of Indian Society #Diversity of India Tamil Nadu is home to several indigenous tribal communities, such as the Irula, Kurumba, and Paniya, who have historically lived in forested areas and depended on natural resources for their livelihoods. Many […]

Indian Parliament deadlock

 Indian Parliament deadlock #GS02 #Polity #Parliament and State Legislature The budget session of the Indian parliament typically runs from late January to Early April during which the Government presents its annual budget and various legislative bills are introduced and debated. However, in recent years the […]

Combating Fake news

Combating Fake news #GS03 #internal security #science and technology Fake news has become a serious problem worldwide and Tamil Nadu is no exception. Fake news can spread through social media platforms, messaging apps, and even mainstream media outlets. It can be used to create confusion, […]